Green business owners

Let’s weave together nature, art, story and heart.

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Green business owners

Hi, I'm Tracey

I am a creative, a photographer, nature lover and a Mama!

I’m here to create a green business that moves, inspires
and connects with people enthused by sustainable living.

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my green portrait sessions
offer a unique experience


Green business owners

I live, work and create from my 4 core values:

beauty + appreciation

I used to think my need to create and seek out beauty was a fault. Turns out, it’s a strength to see and appreciate beauty everywhere. I see beauty in people, places and all around us in nature. Beauty and appreciation within my business means being able to share this with others and capture the beauty I see in the spaces and people I photograph.



positive change

Being honest is my number 1 core value. I stand in honesty in everything I do. If I’m not being entirely honest then I’ll feel completely out of alignment. Honesty creates real relationships and I’m here for creating authentic connections built on trust.

I value feeling and being inspired. To be inspired not only means moving through life with a sense of joy and wonder but also connecting to our change making potential and feeling motivated to take action for positive change.

I stand for creating positive change in ourselves and in the world around us. I want to show how beautiful it can be to ignite change in our communities, to take care of our Earth and
work together to bring healing to the world.

natural wedding photography

Let's weave together nature, art, story & heart



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